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La inversión inmobiliaria en oficinas en España cierra la década en récord al alcanzar los 4.314 millones de euros en 2019. En este 2020, Grupo Vía organiza la quinta edición de este evento en Barcelona que reunirá a diferentes profesionales de la arquitectura, el interiorismo y la consultoría para analizar sus últimos proyectos y trabajos en marcha en el ámbito de los espacios de trabajo y entre todos explorar los cambios que se están produciendo en la manera de trabajar de las empresas y cómo afectan al diseño de los proyectos y los espacios workplace.

Sander Laudy: B01 ARQUITECTES,
Imma Carner: IMMA CARNER,
Oriol Ventura: OVICUO DESIGN,
Javier Nieto: OVICUO DESIGN,
Emma Caldarera: PLUG&GO,
Albert Blanch: BCA,

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    Tekla BIMsight is a version of Autodesk® Revit® that allows multiple users to combine their models in order to work together on complex projects.
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    Basic Functions that You Can Enjoy with LWBlat
    Your email address.
    Send emails in less than a second.

    Change server settings.

    Send encrypted messages.

    Configure and save POP3 and IMAP account settings.

    Send S/MIME encrypted emails.

    Configure and create signature.

    Personalize email addresses and signatures.

    Basic Functions Available with LWBlat GUI
    You will find all the same functions offered by Blat

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    The output can be a method body (class methods) or a full-fledged Class object implementing the common interface.
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    Who would use jBurg?

    to dynamically generate Java classes

    in an embedded system that lacks space for tools like Ant, Maven, Jasper etc…

    for own code generation efforts

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    How To Keep HDD Guardian Portable Updated

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    [Date of publication: August 15, 2012] Markus Gercke offers agile development support as a subject matter expert – complete mentoring services, consulting, and training, specifically designed to support agile development, including
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    There are several types of Turing Machines. The SIM is intended for use as a stand-alone simulator for the TM55, with the capability of optional extra features using the builder in the dev environment.
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    28 Apr’18

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    The «new» paper from Mary Raffa is published in the famous Ecology Letters. Check it out!

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